Friday, October 15, 2010

The Feeling

Go to any mirror and put your hand against the glass. Don’t worry, nothing will grab you. Wait. Sometimes it takes half a day, sometimes it takes a moment. But you’ll yank your hand away when you feel it.

Worms or centipedes, who knows? All pressed in tight like there’s no more room on that side, wriggling against your skin. When you pull back, the glass is the same and you’ll be unharmed.

But now you know it’s there.

-sorry been busy, haven't been posting.


  1. It's okay for not posting, because you've posted again! Read this one before, but it's nice to reread.

  2. Yea, oldie but a goodie for me. I really enjoy this blog.

  3. I will never look in a mirror with confidence again!

  4. i hate the feeling of stuff wriggling around...NOT GOING TO DO THIS

  5. Derek, you didn't do it long enough. Half a day, remember?

  6. I'm too scared to do it :(

    Do you have any of the Soviet Creepy Pastas? That shit is delicious.